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Our Computer programming support services include following computer programming,

Our service desk software provides innovative change management, extensive automation and on-premise delivery models that can enable a proactive approach to IT service management and reduce business costs and risk.

1- C/C++ Consulting
World Class Programmers, On-Shore & In-House

Technical Testers Ltd. is a professional software engineering firm specializing in C/C++ consulting for business, government, and non-profits. We have been designing and building custom C/C++ applications for over twelve years. We specialize in a variety of complex applications for the desktop, server, or client-server.

C/C++ Programming

Architecture, Algorithms

Sockets, Threads, Leaks


GUI libraries

C/C++ Applications

GUI Applications

Server & Client-Server Apps

Device Drivers

Numerical Methods

Software Simulations

Technical Testers Ltd. C/C++ Consulting Resources

Our staff includes specialists in engineering, science, and business administration - as well as creative design & support personnel. Our state-of-the-art facility includes a high-availability datacenter and quality assurance lab. Additional highlights include:

Technical Testers Ltd. Software C and C++ Consulting and Custom Software Development Resources

In-house, on-shore developer team

Over twelve years of experience

Broad industry expertise

High performance application specialists

Full product life-cycle support

Creative design and SEO

Technical Testers Ltd. is a full-service consulting firm with experience in a variety of industries, including work flow automation, financial transactions, multimedia, education, manufacturing automation, hardware & control systems, technical engineering, and more.

2- MATLAB Programming & Consulting
Decades of combined experience with the MATLAB

Decades of combined experience with the MATLAB product family allows us to offer expert and affordable programming and consulting services to help you increase productivity.

What We Do

Decades of combined experience working with the MATLAB product family and staff with a variety of science and engineering backgrounds allow us to offer expert programming and consulting services.

Online Payments

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Our Services

Programming and Consulting

Modeling in Simulink

Optimization of Control Systems

3- JAVA Programming & Consulting

Overview :

Technical Testers Ltd. provides customized business solutions for its corporate customers developed ably by our expert team of J2EE/J2ME developers. Our Java programmers with years of hands-on experience provide the needed services that are truly portable, scalable and easy to use at affordable price. We provide services to develop J2ME and Java mobile applications to deploy high end software solutions. We also re-engineer, support and enhance the existing J2EE and J2ME applications for improvising the efficiency and quality.

The Technical Testers Ltd. Difference :

We develop and deploy - rapid, open, scalable, portable, cost-effective technology solutions to leverage your company's corporate and infrastructure needs. Our experts possess the technical competency and industry knowledge that has enabled us to build an impressive record of development and support services in Java/J2EE Platforms. We help organizations save development time and cost by leveraging our core J2EE application capabilities that can be reused by many applications.


1- Server Environment :

Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, MySql database on Linux, WebSphere

2- WebLogic Environment Presentation Layer :

JSP, JSTL, Velocity, Tiles

3- AJAX Persistence Layer :

JDBC, Hibernate Business Layer : POJO classes

4- Java Classes Web Application Frameworks :

Struts, Spring MVC Open Source Libraries: DWR, Junit

5- Javascripting Toolkits :

Jquery, ExtJS, Dojo, Protype

Our Java experience includes, but is not limited to:

1- J2EE™ compliant architecture design

2- EJBs (entity, session, message)

3- JSP & Servlets

4- Security management

5- Secure high volume transactions

6- JMS

7- Web services

8- J2EE Design Patterns


10 - Development based on market-leading J2EE™-compliant application servers, including BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere

11- B2B Integration (ebXML, EDIFACT & X12)

Design, Develop, Deploy and manage different Java, Javascript and J2EE Applications:

1 - Client Server Applications

2 - Desktop Applications

3- Web-Based Internet/Intranet Applications

4 - Wireless/Mobile Applications

5 - Web Services

6 - Dynamic Customer Driver Websites and Portals

7- Content Management

8- VoXML Solutions and Interactive Voice Response Systems [IVR]

9- Hibernate, JDO, Persistence Management Systems with Object Relationships

10 - Database Applications

11- Linux and Unix/Solaris Applications

12- AJax Driven Web Applications

We believe in complete customer satisfaction. We provide our clients with directions to submit their applications and get them approved. Once approved, we also market and promote them to balloon their popularity.

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We are leading IT services provider, with a wide breadth of services across the entire Information technology and telecommunication spectrum.

Our expertise is in applying high-quality solutions that best fit your technology and business needs at more competitive price.

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